Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness based on the principle that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself.

Using the healing power of nature and gentle therapeutic techniques, the body, mind and emotions are supported during the healing process.

Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person as an individual and treating the whole person, not just the affected area.

Naturopathy encompasses a variety of treatment methods including:

• Herbal Medicine to prevent and treat various illnesses
• Dietary and Nutritional advice for restoration of balance, detoxification and prevention of disease
• Lifestyle advice to promote well-being and to reduce stress
• Flower essences to enhance the emotional aspect of healing
• Soft tissue manipulation to rebalance the body’s systems, to reduce pain and to enable detoxification
• Homoeopathy

Naturopathic treatments boost the body’s natural healing potential, restoring harmony and preventing disease.

Some years ago I was involved in two car accidents within a month of each other. As a result of these incidents I injured my neck  causing continual debilitating headaches. Since seeing Barry some years ago my headaches have greatly reduced in frequency and intensity. Now, with the occasional repeat visit I am able to keep things this way.

Paul F. Toowoomba